There's no denying it.  It's gonna get cold again.

The folks at Acadia National Park are offering "wood rounds", which is a mixture of soft and hardwood, to a limited amount of Maine households.  Here's how to get in on the action.

A limited number of households (approximately 10) who reside within a 50-mile drive of Bar Harbor will be allowed to gather this wood. Permits cost $25, and if selected, you'd be able to gather up to two cords of wood rounds.  It would then be up to you to transport it out of the Park.

The un-split and limbed wood rounds of 16”-20” diameter resulted from downed trees and other situations since last winter. The wood is piled in designated areas throughout Acadia National Park and would certainly make worthwhile firewood.

If you'd like to be considered for up to two cord of wood rounds, then send an email to the Acadia National Park Dispatch Office at from September 14th throughout the 18th.

The wood rounds will be offered to those living close enough to limit the potential spread of invasive pests or diseases beyond the local area, preferable within a 50 mile radius of the Park.  If more than 10 entries are received then a random selection will take place with the losing entrants being put onto a "wait list."

Winners will be contacted via email by September 20th.  Wood pick-up will then be scheduled between the dates of September 21st and 30th with only one permit holder allowed into the Park at a time.

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