Okay, let's get this out of the way first thing.

We dig Maine, love it right to death. If we didn't we'd be living in south Florida with those now Facebook friends that we used to know so long ago. You know the ones, they'll tell you they're enjoying the beautiful Florida sunshine and sandy beaches when all they're really doing is sheltering-in-place within their air-conditioned half-house/trailer while watching the Price Is Right.

So why is this post titled "Here's 8 Reasons NOT To Move To Eastern Maine?"

Because we're a sarcastic yet humorous lot. That's why we talk on the radio and write stuff like this.

So now that you know we're really "champions of the cause", let's just imagine that this post is really titled, "Here's 8 Reasons TO Move To Eastern Maine." That way you'll laugh and know that we're being sincere.

At least we think we are.

Here's 8 Reasons NOT To Move To Eastern Maine

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