UPDATE: The transport carrying a large building to MDI became stuck on the Penobscot Narrows Bridge for several hours. Here's the updated story.


Original Story: Authorities in Bar Harbor are warning folks about possible delays today, due to a large building being transported through town.

The building, which spans a massive 164 feet long, is coming into Bar Harbor on a truck, via Seal Harbor, along Route 3.

Police Captain David Kerns says the building has been en route from out of state, since before the 4th of July.

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After moving the big building to the RV parking area, crews will then start the complex task of transferring it to another machine. Bar Harbor Police issued a statement via their Facebook Page Tuesday, a day in advance, letting folks know to avoid, if possible, the area of lower Main St. and the ballfield off of Park St. That's where they had to also relocate a number of RV's, temporarily, to make room to stage the transfer.

As you can imagine, facilitating such a massive undertaking in Bar Harbor in the middle of the summer tourist season sounds like the least amount of fun a person can have. It's already crowded, and now you have to block some streets and relocate vehicles and RVs?!

This is why the Bar Harbor Police Department tried to give folks as much advance warning as possible, to plan accordingly.

Authorities say the building being transported will house the MRI machine for the MDI hospital.

The interruption to traffic will take place through the afternoon, until at least 2:30 PM. But authorities hope to have things back to normal by this evening.

Remember, this is a high-stress situation for those involved in the transportation of this building (I can't even steer my shopping cart without hitting something. I cannot imagine what the drivers in these situations go through) so please be patient and kind today.

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