With everyone spending all the time at home, with children attending in-home school and adults working from home, have you talked about what you would do if there was a fire?

Mount Desert Elementary School asked their students and parents to have a home fire drill last week. I thought that was a brilliant idea. Schools are mandated to have so many fire drills a year. It just demonstrates how the school cares about their students to ask the families to have a home fire drill

I know our house is the safe meeting point for our neighbors. If they had a fire, all the boys are to come to our house. We leave the porch light on every night.  Do you have a designated safe meeting point for your family? According to the website firefacts.org  safe meeting point should meet these  3 criteria

  • Proximity- A safe meeting place should be close to the home, but not so close as to be in danger from the fire.
  • "Location, location, location"- It's important that your safe meeting place is located in front of the house. It is very important that fire safety personnel easily see you as they arrive so (a) they will know you are out of the home, and (b) you will be able to quickly inform them if someone has not made it out of the house.
  •  "X marks the spot!"-Pick a safe meeting place that will be easy to find whether it is day or night. The best way to do this is by selecting a safe meeting place that is clearly marked by a non-moving item, such as a telephone pole, tree or neigbor's front porch. Do not use anything that may move, such as a car, and avoid picking a location that will place you in the way of emergency personnel or equipment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your local fire department. I guarantee you they would love to talk with you and answer any questions before there was a fire!

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