If not, you'll want to try it this year!

The Saran Wrap Ball game is simple. one person tries to open the ball while the person next to them roll dice. When the player rolling gets doubles they then get a go at the ball and the dice are moved on as well. The ball is multi layers of plastic wrap around small items. Whatever falls out of the ball while you have it is yours to keep! Some players say no ripping, you must find the ends and un-roll it! See how it is played in the video above!

You can put anything you want in it! Some put a big item in the middle with small things around it, others put a mixture throughout the unwrapping. Ideas to put in the ball:

  • Scratch tickets
  • Holiday Jewelry
  • Candy
  • Money
  • Gift Cards
  • Chapstick, Nail Polish
  • Small Toys

There is a very similar game that requires less plastic wrap and gets just as many laughs shown in the video below. In this game you are required to wear oven mitts while trying to unwrap a gift. A pair of dice are used in the same way.