Happy Father's Day to all the Dads! Two of the best days in my life were November 17th and July 2nd, when my two sons were born and I became a Father.

When our children were little, my wife was fantastic about making scrapbooks of their accomplishments and putting Polaroids in the album. Back then, no one had cellphones, much less cameras, and if you were lucky, you had a Polaroid that would spit out a picture and you'd shake it while it dried. Yes... the Old Days!

I was looking through Collin's photo album for a picture of Craig, Collin and myself to post for Father's Day, but started cracking up when I saw this paper that he did in pre-K, I think.

His teacher asked him various questions about me, his Dad, for Father's Day. Here are his answers! Back then, I was the General Manager of the Bangor Ramada Inn.

This past weekend we spent it in Quechee, Vermont with most of my family. My mother had come up from Vermont, to a home that she and my father had owned since 1977. It was the first time that I had seen my mom since my father passed away on January 18th. The weekend marked the 6-month anniversary of my father's passing, and the first Father's Day that he is in heaven.

With my brothers and sister and their families we shared lots of stories. It was a good time. We brought lobsters, corn, cole slaw and whoopie pies on Friday night, so everyone could experience a great Maine meal.

Photo Chris Popper
Photo Chris Popper

Saturday night, my wife brought bags of peanut M&M's or dessert in honor of my Dad. He LOVED peanut M&M's. Anytime he ate them, they were always scarfed down quickly! I miss him terribly.

Want to get your Dad something fantastic for Father's Day? Don't get him a tie, don't get his something for him to wear. Don't get him a coffee cup. Give him a memory. Take a picture with Dad. Share a story with him. Better yet, if your children are small, ask them these questions and then share it with Dad. Years down the road, he might remember this questionnaire and the answers and I guarantee he'll smile and remember when!

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