Today, February 4th is my mother's birthday! I'm much too smart to publicly write her age, but at 59 I'm extremely blessed to have both my mother and father still alive.

My mom is still extremely active, and both my wife and I agree that we'd love to have her energy if we're lucky enough to be alive at her age.

One of the best things we have done was to purchase an Amazon Alexa Show. My parents have 1 in Florida, and it allows us to video chat, which we usually do on a daily basis. The video chat allows us to virtually eat dinner or have dessert together, and is just so much better than a regular phone call, as you can see and judge how they're doing while chatting. If you have family away from you, I would recommend each purchasing an Alexa Show!

While I'd love to be in Florida today to wish her a Happy Birthday in person, we'll just have to do it online and on the phone!


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