Today is my wife’s birthday! Happy Birthday Bonnie! She’s my best friend, my wife of 33 years, a great mother to our two sons, Craig and Collin, a super teacher and without a question my better half!

Bonnie has been a teacher since 1982, teaching on Block Island for 5 years before coming to Maine and teaching at Nokomis since 1987. She has had an enormous influence on thousands of students, and has taught 2 generations at Nokomis. Teachers are one of the most influential professions and yet one of the most under-appreciated! Anyone who thinks that teachers just work 8-3, Monday-Friday should spend a week with Bonnie!

She puts up with my crazy hours, broadcasting all the sports on the radio, and the fact that my laptop seems to be a permanent attachment to my body at home. She has allowed me to share moments of our life with everyone here on the website.

With the pandemic, Bonnie taught from home March-June of 2020. It's been the 2 of us at home, and we ate lunch and dinner together. I joked with her that we've eaten more meals together in the last year than in the previous 3 years because of our crazy schedules. There's no question that if I need to quarantine and stay home riding out a pandemic with anyone I want it to be Bonnie!

Happy Birthday!

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