Easter Sunday is this Sunday, April 17th. As a reminder, stores with over 5000 square feet will be closed on Easter, in Maine, and this includes Hannaford, Shaw's and Walmart.

You'll want to head to your local grocery store on Friday or Saturday if you normally go shopping on Sunday!

These large stores are required to be closed on 3 holidays a year - Christmas Day, Thanksgiving and Easter.

Older Mainers will remember the time when all of the larger grocery stores and stores were closed for 47-48 Sundays a year. Larger stores were only allowed to open Sundays, beginning at 12 noon between Thanksgiving and Christmas. However Mainers voted to pass Question 1, "Maine Sunday and Holiday Store Initiative" on November 6, 1990 which allowed larger stores to open 7 days a week, with the exception of the 3 holidays above. The vote was 272,129 to 246,378. 52.48 percent of voters were in favor, as opposed to 47.52 percent who were opposed.

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