The Hancock County Emergency Management Agency shared the following briefing on Sunday regarding the COVID-19 Virus. Given that there is so much worry and misconceptions, we felt it was important to share the following with you.

At present, they are taking their guidance from the existing pandemic planning that was formulated during the H1N1 outbreak and most recently reconsidered during the worldwide Ebola scare.

Their  resource in both receiving and providing the most up-to-date and factual information on the present COVID-19 outbreak is the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (“Maine CDC”),  You can read the latest briefing HERE

Photo Maine CDC
Photo Maine CDC

The Hancock County Emergency Management Agency is actively engaged (daily) with Mr. Alfred J. May, Jr., Maine CDC’s Public Health liaison for both Hancock and Washington counties. He is advising  them as to how they best implement the provisions of their pandemic plan to promote information and preserve and protect people in Hancock and Washington County. Mr. May is tireless in his efforts to be certain that the Emergency Management Agency has the best information and practice guidance available. He serves as the regional focal point for bringing both the public and private sectors together to plan, prepare and respond to pandemic and its potential consequences.

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