Congratulations to Hancock County Deputy Sheriff Jeffrey McFarland who was named Deputy of the Year by the Maine Sheriff's Association.

Hancock County Sheriff Scott Kane submitted the following in support of Deputy McFarland's nomination

On April 29, 2019, Deputy Jeffrey McFarland was working a night patrol shift along with deputies Christopher Sargent and Zachary Allen.  Deputy McFarland was notified by the Hancock County Regional Communications Center of a request from a Maine State Trooper asking for assistance in the Town of Brooklin.  The Trooper was dealing with a suicidal male who had climbed a tree threatening to kill himself.  All three deputies responded to the location to assist with the male who was known to law enforcement as having mental health issues.

Upon arrival, the deputies met with the Trooper who was trying to convince the male to come down from the tree that he climbed and attached a belt around his neck and the tree threatening to jump.  Deputy McFarland, who was very familiar to the male and his family having dealt with him several times in the past with success, took over the conversation with the male.

The conversation between Deputy McFarland and the male lasted for a lengthy period until trust was established between them.  Deputy McFarland calmly and professionally continued to talk with the male and eventually the male agreed to remove the belt from around his neck and climb down from the tree.  The male was taken into protective custody and transported to a local hospital for an evaluation and treatment.

Deputy McFarland's knowledge of the young man and his mental health issues helped resolve this situation and get the help the male required.  Many years (30) of working as a patrol deputy in the area gave Deuty McFarland the knowledge and trust helpful in these types of situations.

For his calm, professional demeanor in saving the life of a male who was determined to kill himself, Deputy Jeffrey D. McFarland is deserving of the 2020 Maine Sheriff's Association Deputy Of the Year.

Photo Hancock County Sheriffs Office
Photo Hancock County Sheriffs Office

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