UMaine-Farmington just released their Spring 2022 Semester Dean's List. Students whose grade point average for the semester is equal to or greater than 3.8 are listed with High Honors. Students whose grade point average for the semester is less than 3.8 but equal to or greater than 3.5 are listed with Honors.

To see the full list click HERE. Here's the list of students from Hancock and Washington Counties. Congratulations to all!

  • Bar Harbor: Yarrow Fabian, High Honors;
  • Blue Hill: Kayla Bond, High Honors; Grace Broughton, High Honors;
  • Bucksport: Katelyn Cloutier, High Honors;
  • Dedham: Regan Vancil, Honors
  • Easton: Emily Thompson, High Honors;
  • Eastport: George Mills, Honors;
  • Ellsworth: Katie Hammer, Honors;
  • Lamoine: Adriana Novella, High Honors;
  • Orland: Meagan Martin, High Honors; Lucky Mourredes, High Honors;
  • Stonington: Jett-Marcus Jordan, Honors;
  • Verona Island: Aubrey Merritt, High Honors; Grayson Treece, High Honors;
  • Winter Harbor: Rhiannon Alley, High Honors;
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