You see a bunch of legs wearing green socks, and you think no big deal. But let me tell you about these Green Socks! They're special!

Photo Walter Churchill
Photo Walter Churchill

These green socks were worn by the Ellsworth Girls Basketball Team on Tuesday night, February 8th when they played the MDI Trojans at Bernard Parady Gymnasium. Now you're even more confused? You're wondering what are the Ellsworth Girls doing wearing green?

The Ellsworth Girls Basketball Team wore green in honor of Tammy Dow, the wife of Athletic Director Bunky Dow who passed away on January 28th. The Ellsworth Sport's Booster Club purchased green socks for the Girls and Boys. The Ellsworth Boy's Basketball Team will wear their green socks tomorrow night, February 9th when they play MDI

Yes, MDI and Ellsworth are rivals. There's nothing like a game between MDI and Ellsworth, no matter what sport, for the intensity. But at the end of the game (pre-Covid) they shook hands and hugged. Nowadays Ellsworth students date MDI students. They play on the same AAU and other teams outside of school. They're friends off the field and court, and a tragedy brings everyone together.

These green socks were pretty magical. They didn't bring the Ellsworth Girls a victory, but when I announced what they were doing, they brought a round of applause and respect from everyone at Bernard Parady Gymnasium

Thank you to the Ellsworth Sports Boosters. Thank you to the Ellsworth Administration. Thank you to the Ellsworth Girls for tonight, and for the Boys for tomorrow. I will always remember the night you wore green, and I know Bunky Dow will too. Now I hope the green didn't itch too much!

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