Sometimes I think I should have been a realtor instead of a DJ. The way some folks spend all their time on Facebook or whatnot, I often find myself on either or looking at crazy houses. I look at ones in my price range too, but I really enjoy looking at some of the most expensive homes in Maine just to see how the 1% lives.

I especially enjoy looking at seaside homes. Mostly because there's no such thing as a crappy house by the ocean. Sure, maybe some are smaller than others, or not quite as well kept, but even seaside dumps are half a million bucks.

But this house, listed by Kimberly Swan of The Swan Agency / Sotheby's, located on Strawberry Hill Rd in Bar Harbor, is nooooo dump. With a modest list price of $2,975,000 for a mere 10,000 sf with 5 bedrooms and 6 baths, your family could settle in quite nicely. It even has an elevator to access all three floors, including a home office / art studio.

What caught my eye about this house though, was the really unusual architecture. My uncle is an architect, so from a young age, I always thought buildings were generally fascinating. But this place really takes the cake with it's odd shapes and exterior design choices. On the inside, it looks pretty much like any unbelievably awesome house. Perfect paint, bright rooms, and exquisite decorating.

But just check out some of the crazy lines on the outside! It's totally cool!

Sotheby's / Listing agent Kimberly Swan

The side view of the house gives an even better glimpse into the unique shapes of this rad abode.

Sotheby's / Listing agent Kimberly Swan

But let's not forget, this house is near to the coast in Bar Harbor. So it wouldn't be complete without some breathtaking views of the surrounding area from one of its 8 decks. I would literally just spend all my time out on any of the decks, taking in as much of nature's majesty as I possibly could. But more likely, just making my friends mad by constantly sharing photos on Facebook, bragging about the insane view from my house.

Sotheby's / Listing agent Kimberly Swan

I know, you're thinking the same thing I am. After a while, all this inescapable beauty and privacy would just get old. HA!! Never. And maybe that's the difference between us working stiffs and the 1%. We are likely never to own such a thing in our lifetime, so we can truly appreciate how incredible a place like this is, without ever becoming so jaded that this house would be considered hum-drum and boring.

In the meantime, I'll just settle back at old Chez Stewart, and dream of bigger houses. And the bigger paychecks that make it all possible.