I have known Shelby O'Neil since she was a 9th grader at MDI High School. She is entering her final year at Maine Maritime Academy and serving on the Dauphin Island in the Gulf of Mexico. She's agreed to be our special correspondent while serving there this summer! Look for her photos and stories!

Here's her first story!
My name is Shelby O'Neil and I will be a senior this fall at Maine Maritime Academy. I am working for a company in the Gulf of Mexico called Edison Chouest Offshore. I am a OS cadet on a 312 foot platform supply vessel called the Dauphin Island out of Port Fourchon, Louisiana. Platform supply vessels, or PSV is a type of offshore vessel which is mainly used for transiting essential equipment and additional needed supplies such as chemicals and liquid mud to oil rigs and other facilities offshore.

The boat I'm on works for BP and we service the two largest rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. One is a mere 22 miles away from where the infamous Deepwater Horizon was, which is a very eerie feeling at times. My vessel carries deck cargo as well as chemicals, dry bulk, and liquid mud. We are now in the beginning of hurricane season, so if any storms form that are strong enough to put people on the rigs in danger, we will go out to evacuate them because these vessels are designed for the heaviest of seas and weather.

I have been onboard living on the vessel since May 18th and will be here until mid July, so far I've had the chance to meet amazing people, hear amazing stories and experience amazing views.

Note* This information is my own and does not represent my employer's views and company policy.

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