Maybe it's the DJ in me that loves this ad so much. I mean, Paul Harvey has that vocal and style recognition that we'd all love to achieve. But I'd rather think that it's the message. The photography. The overall 'feel' of this ad that has put it at the top of my favorites list. Let's flashback to another Game Day and 'God Made a Farmer.' By the way, did you know this commercial raised a lot of money for American farmers?

The audio is actually part of a speech that Paul Harvey gave at a 1978 Future Farmers of America Convention. The speech was a derivative of an article Harvey published in 1975 in the 'Gadsden Times.' That article was based on a published definition of a farmer dating back to the 1940's!

Dodge aired the famous commercial in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVII. In a collaboration with the Future Farmers of America, Dodge agreed to donate $100,000 for every one million views that the YouTube video of the ad received up to one million dollars. The goal was reached in less than five days.