We all know how Super Bowl commercials strive to be the best of the year. Well, here's one we may be talking about for a long time -- like, maybe nine months.

The NFL itself has put out this "Super Bowl Babies Choir" spot, in which kids who may have been conceived after their parents' team won the big game sing Seal's "Kiss From a Rose":

The ad features kids who were born roughly nine months after Super Bowl titles were claimed by the Packers (1960s), Steelers ('70s), 49ers ('80s), Cowboys ('90s), Buccaneers (2003), Colts (2007), Giants (2012) and Seahawks (2014).

NFL Chief Marketing Officer Dawn Hudson said, "We hope after the ad, that there's a conversation that we generate. We think there will be some people who will say, 'Wait, I was born in the October or November after my parents' team won. Am I a Super Bowl baby?'"

And if that's the case, Junior is probably going to have a very tough time watching a game with his folks every Sunday.

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