A false alarm triggered a brief lockdown at MDI High School on Thursday afternoon, September 29th.

MDI Superintendent Mike Zboray sent out the following email Thursday afternoon.

Dear MDIHS Community
At around 1:15 today, the blue lights that indicate a lockdown was in progress went off at the high school. The school followed protocol and locked down for a few minutes. We soon realized it was a malfunction and are investigating to isolate the cause.
Officer Bland was on hand at the time, which helped us quickly isolate where the alarm was triggered. We will be working with the alarm company to ensure the problem is fixed.
Per protocol, the high school's emergency response team met to debrief the incident. False alarm or not, we learn from these events how best to protect students and staff in an emergency.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Matt Haney or me.
Be Well,
Mike Zboray

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