The Ellsworth Swim Teams defeated Hampden Academy on Saturday, January 27th at Husson University.  The Ellsworth Girls beat Hampden 106-61 and the Boys beat the Broncos 116-51.

The Eagles have one more dual meet, their last home meet this Friday, February 2nd at the Downeast Family YMCA against  Washington Academy. Here are the results and Coach Goodman's remarks

Ellsworth had another great meet experience after coming off the meet Friday night.  The swimmer again performed at or above expectations!   They swam exceptionally well and really achieved some great times and efforts in the pool.  The team qualified a couple more swimmers for States, and also, a few others improved times that already qualified them for States.  We currently have 13 boys and seven girls qualified for States, with most meeting the criteria time in multiple events.  Of those qualified, we have seven boys qualified by time in every swimming event, and three girls qualified in almost all events.

We enjoyed the opportunity to swim with Hampden as they are a fantastic team to compete with.  Both teams had fun and enjoyed the competition and exceptional sportsmanship, friendliness, and professionalism of the meet.  A very well organized and orchestrated event.

Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay
1, Ellsworth High School 'A' (Ellie Carke JR, Kristen Moseley SO, Caitlin
MacPherson SO, Miriam Nelson JR), 2:10.78. 2, Ellsworth High School 'B' (Lilja
Hanson FR, Lillian Frank FR, Abby Mazgaj FR, Sydney Stevens JR), 2:24.19. 3,
Ellsworth High School 'C' (Megan Gammill FR, Ellen Komossa SR, Emily Hart SR,
Marissa Atwater SO), x2:44.49. 4, Hampden Academy 'A' (Kaitlynn Raye SO,
Bailey Anderson SO, Sara Poll JR, Julie Llerena JR), 2:55.37. 5, Hampden
Academy 'B' (Marilyn Manigoult JR, Emily Hatch FR, Jennifer Parks JR, Phoebe
Wagner SO), 3:11.11.
Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay
1, Hampden Academy 'A' (Jakob Archer JR, Matthew Vine FR, Cameron LaBree JR,
Zach Steigert JR), 1:53.77. 2, Ellsworth High School 'A' (Hunter Clark JR,
Beckett Markosian JR, Richie Matthews SR, Sean Hill FR), 1:54.28. 3, Ellsworth
High School 'B' (Ben Mazgaj JR, Calvin Nelson FR, Camden Holmes JR, Sam
Pelletier JR), 1:57.06. 4, Ellsworth High School 'C' (Ben Osterlin FR, Sam
Holler SO, Benton Bird FR, Mark Fuller FR), x2:25.89.
Girls 200 Yard Freestyle
1, Ellie Clarke, ELLS, 2:16.15. 2, McKayla Poulin, HAMP, 2:26.15. 3, Katie
Hammer, ELLS, 2:32.14. 4, Sara Poll, HAMP, 2:39.51. 5, Seneca Madocks-Wilbur,
ELLS, 2:44.61. 6, Phoebe Wagner, HAMP, 2:46.27.
Boys 200 Yard Freestyle
1, Austin Baron, ELLS, 1:57.20. 2, Ryan Conary, ELLS, 2:29.33. 3, Ben Mazgaj,
ELLS, 2:34.67. 4, Anthony Hall, HAMP, 2:36.11.
Girls 200 Yard IM
1, Caitlin MacPherson, ELLS, 2:36.53. 2, Abby Mazgaj, ELLS, 2:47.66. 3, Cara
Whitmore, HAMP, 2:51.16. 4, Sidney Jordan, HAMP, 2:55.99. 5, Jennifer Parks,
HAMP, 3:39.68.
Boys 200 Yard IM
1, Richie Matthews, ELLS, 2:07.15. 2, Beckett Markosian, ELLS, 2:17.70. 3, Ian
Brenner-Simpson, ELLS, 2:23.40. 4, Matthew Vine, HAMP, 2:33.55. 5, Jakob
Archer, HAMP, 2:38.91.
Girls 50 Yard Freestyle
1, Ellie Clarke, ELLS, 26.85. 2, Miriam Nelson, ELLS, 27.00. 3, Sidney Jordan,
HAMP, 30.69. 4, McKayla Poulin, HAMP, 30.71. 5, Lilja Hanson, ELLS, 30.79. 6,
Mikaela Shayne, HAMP, 31.48. --, Marissa Atwater, ELLS, X32.91. --, Sydney
Stevens, ELLS, X33.80. --, Marilyn Manigoult, HAMP, X34.65. --, Presley
Wilkinson, SUMN, X35.51. --, Megan Gammill, ELLS, X36.07. --, Britney Andrews,
ELLS, X37.89. --, Emily Hatch, HAMP, X42.72. --, Onecia Smith, ELLS, X52.91.
Boys 50 Yard Freestyle
1, Sean Hill, ELLS, 24.38. 2, Sam Pelletier, ELLS, 24.88. 3, Zach Steigert,
HAMP, 25.29. 4, Chris Chaffe, HAMP, 25.55. 5, Carter Frank, ELLS, 26.23. 6,
Tyler Rinfret, HAMP, 27.00. --, Calvin Nelson, ELLS, X26.29. --, Ryan Conary,
ELLS, X26.69. --, Mark Fuller, ELLS, X27.72. --, Sam Holler, ELLS, X29.18. --,
Steven Santiago, HAMP, X30.30. --, Ben Osterlin, ELLS, X30.46. --, Benjamin
Partridge, ELLS, X31.59. --, Michael Farley, ELLS, X39.31. --, Mike
Kazmierczak, ELLS, XDQ.
Girls 100 Yard Butterfly
1, Caitlin MacPherson, ELLS, 1:15.40. 2, Rachel Vine, HAMP, 1:19.38. 3, Lilja
Hanson, ELLS, 1:21.94.
Boys 100 Yard Butterfly
1, Cameron LaBree, HAMP, 54.73. 2, Camden Holmes, ELLS, 54.95. 3, Carter
Frank, ELLS, 1:04.15. 4, Benton Bird, ELLS, 1:28.67.
Girls 100 Yard Freestyle
1, Cara Whitmore, HAMP, 1:03.52. 2, Kristen Moseley, ELLS, 1:05.37. 3, Katie
Hammer, ELLS, 1:08.30. 4, Mikaela Shayne, HAMP, 1:15.73. 5, Claire Nichols,
HAMP, 1:16.66. 6, Marissa Atwater, ELLS, 1:16.76. --, Julie Llerena, HAMP,
X1:18.61. --, Marilyn Manigoult, HAMP, X1:20.62. --, Kaitlynn Raye, HAMP,
X1:20.89. --, Presley Wilkinson, SUMN, X1:21.23. --, Bailey Anderson, HAMP,
X1:27.14. --, Britney Andrews, ELLS, X1:30.71. --, Onecia Smith, ELLS,
Boys 100 Yard Freestyle
1, Beckett Markosian, ELLS, 54.70. 2, Zach Steigert, HAMP, 56.70. 3, Calvin
Nelson, ELLS, 59.47. 4, Hunter Clark, ELLS, 59.77. 5, Tyler Rinfret, HAMP,
1:03.82. --, Benjamin Partridge, ELLS, X1:15.60. --, Michael Farley, ELLS,
Girls 500 Yard Freestyle
1, Miriam Nelson, ELLS, 6:00.65. 2, Lillian Frank, ELLS, 6:30.97. 3, Sara
Poll, HAMP, 6:59.56. 4, Phoebe Wagner, HAMP, 7:35.84. 5, Julie Llerena, HAMP,
Boys 500 Yard Freestyle
1, Sean Hill, ELLS, 5:14.49. 2, Mark Fuller, ELLS, 6:15.34. 3, Gavin Kearns,
HAMP, 6:25.44. 4, Chris Chaffe, HAMP, 6:38.52. 5, Benjamin Snow, ELLS,
Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, Ellsworth High School 'A' (Caitlin MacPherson SO, Abby Mazgaj FR, Miriam
Nelson JR, Ellie Clarke JR), 1:52.36. 2, Hampden Academy 'A' (Cara Whitmore
JR, McKayla Poulin FR, Sidney Jordan JR, Rachel Vine JR), 1:59.42. 3,
Ellsworth High School 'B' (Katie Hammer JR, Megan Gammill FR, Chelsea Lounder
SR, Seneca Madocks-Wilbur SO), 2:15.96. 4, Hampden Academy 'B' (Claire Nichols
SO, Bailey Anderson SO, Kaitlynn Raye SO, Mikaela Shayne FR), 2:22.71.
Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, Ellsworth High School 'B' (Ian Brenner-Simpson SO, Hunter Clark JR, Sam
Pelletier JR, Richie Matthews SR), 1:39.05. 2, Ellsworth High School 'A'
(Carter Frank JR, Ryan Conary SR, Sean Hill FR, Austin Baron SR), 1:40.15. 3,
Hampden Academy 'A' (Zach Steigert JR, Tyler Rinfret JR, Chris Chaffe JR,
Aaron Grodewald SO), 1:51.18. 4, Ellsworth High School 'C' (Benjamin Snow FR,
Benjamin Partridge FR, Mike Kazmierczak SO, Michael Farley FR), x2:29.33.
Girls 100 Yard Backstroke
1, Rachel Vine, HAMP, 1:19.51. 2, Abby Mazgaj, ELLS, 1:21.95. 3, Sydney
Stevens, ELLS, 1:25.28. 4, Kaitlynn Raye, HAMP, 1:37.80. 5, Megan Gammill,
ELLS, 1:38.43. 6, Claire Nichols, HAMP, 1:41.99.
Boys 100 Yard Backstroke
1, Sam Pelletier, ELLS, 57.63. 2, Richie Matthews, ELLS, 1:00.63. 3, Jakob
Archer, HAMP, 1:11.98. 4, Hunter Clark, ELLS, 1:14.48. --, Ben Mazgaj, ELLS,
X1:19.18. --, Ben Osterlin, ELLS, X1:36.92. --, Benjamin Snow, ELLS, X1:41.95.
--, Gavin Kearns, HAMP, DQ.
Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke
1, Kristen Moseley, ELLS, 1:24.06. 2, Lillian Frank, ELLS, 1:26.82. 3, Ellen
Komossa, ELLS, 1:53.37. 4, Bailey Anderson, HAMP, 1:53.67. 5, Jennifer Parks,
HAMP, 1:54.63. --, Seneca Madocks-Wilbur, ELLS, X1:27.51. --, Chelsea Lounder,
ELLS, XDQ. --, Emily Hatch, HAMP, DQ.
Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke
1, Cameron LaBree, HAMP, 1:03.75. 2, Austin Baron, ELLS, 1:06.95. 3, Matthew
Vine, HAMP, 1:10.93. 4, Ian Brenner-Simpson, ELLS, 1:12.25. 5, Anthony Hall,
HAMP, 1:28.98. 6, Benton Bird, ELLS, 1:31.81. --, Sam Holler, ELLS, X1:28.29.
--, Mike Kazmierczak, ELLS, X1:31.54.
Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, Hampden Academy 'A' (Sidney Jordan JR, McKayla Poulin FR, Rachel Vine JR,
Cara Whitmore JR), 4:27.64. 2, Ellsworth High School 'A' (Kristen Moseley SO,
Lilja Hanson FR, Lillian Frank FR, Katie Hammer JR), 4:27.68. 3, Ellsworth
High School 'B' (Chelsea Lounder SR, Ellen Komossa SR, Sydney Stevens JR,
Seneca Madocks-Wilbur SO), 5:38.12. 4, Hampden Academy 'C' (Jennifer Parks JR,
Emily Hatch FR, Marilyn Manigoult JR, Phoebe Wagner SO), 5:56.22. --, Hampden
Academy 'B' (Claire Nichols SO, Julie Llerena JR, Sara Poll JR, Mikaela Shayne
FR), DQ.
Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, Ellsworth High School 'A' (Carter Frank JR, Ian Brenner-Simpson SO, Calvin
Nelson FR, Austin Baron SR), 3:43.01. 2, Ellsworth High School 'B' (Camden
Holmes JR, Ben Mazgaj JR, Ryan Conary SR, Beckett Markosian JR), 3:49.78. 3,
Hampden Academy 'A' (Jakob Archer JR, Matthew Vine FR, Chris Chaffe JR,
Cameron LaBree JR), 4:13.01. 4, Hampden Academy 'B' (Tyler Rinfret JR, Gavin
Kearns JR, Anthony Hall FR, Steven Santiago JR), 4:46.45. 5, Ellsworth High
School 'C' (Mark Fuller FR, Ben Osterlin FR, Benton Bird FR, Benjamin Snow
FR), x5:07.61. --, Ellsworth High School 'D' (Benjamin Partridge FR, Michael
Farley FR, Sam Holler SO, Mike Kazmierczak SO), X5:39.39.

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