On June 9th, citizens of Ellsworth voted down a proposed school budget of $19.78 million.  Only 2.3% of the city’s registered voters turned out that day, but it was enough to send the budget back to the School Department to be revised.

Now, $135,000 has been cut from the original submission, by not filling an open Social Studies teaching position, by shifting some expenses from the local property tax burden, and by cutting other expected expenses.

Due to the expected decrease in State revenue sharing - although just how much has yet to be determined, more money will have to be generated this year and next by property tax to meet the school budget demands.

Ellsworth residents will now vote on a school budget of $19.35 million

The School Budget Validation Referendum Election will be held on Tuesday July 7th, between 8AM and 8PM.  Here's where you can vote:

Ward One – Ellsworth City Hall – Auditorium

Ward Two – Your Place Community Building

Ward Three – Maine Coast Baptist Church – Gymnasium

Ward Four – Ellsworth City Hall – Council Chambers