Ellsworth High School has revised the mask policy for Outdoor Sports held on their campus. MDI High School has not adopted the new policy, and I am told that they are meeting later in the week to discuss modifications.

Ellsworth High School has adopted the new face covering policy issued by the Maine Principal's Association effective April 28th

  • Masks are not required for outdoor practices and competitions. Masks are recommended when 6 feet of physical distance is hard to maintain (for example: athletes on the bench). They are also required when individuals go inside (locker rooms, rest rooms or on the bus)
  • SPECTATORS are not required to wear a mask at outside events IF they are able to maintain 6 feet of distancing.

Athletic Director Bunky Dow of MDI High School posted the following.

The administration will review the State Agencies & MPA guidelines and update them by the end of the week. For the time being, mask coverings will be required on school grounds for all outside events.

We will post if MDI High School changes the policy.

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