The 3-ball was flying at Katsiafiacas Gymnasium on Thursday, February 1st, as the Ellsworth Eagles buried 13 3-pointers and beat John Bapst 84-36 on Senior Recognition Night.

2023-23 Ellsworth Boys Basketball Seniors Photos Chris Popper
2023-23 Ellsworth Boys Basketball Seniors Photos Chris Popper

It was the final regular season home game for Ellsworth seniors Chance Mercier (3), Isiah Corson (34), Kaleb Conners (11), Cruz Coffin (10), Miles Palmer (4) and Josiah James-Chin (5).

Ellsworth led 13-6 at the end of the 1st Quarter, 40-12 at the Half and 69-24 at the end of the 3rd Quarter.

The Eagles were led by Chance Mercier with 31 points. Miles Palmer had 8 points and Kyle Kenny had 7 points. Ellsworth was 5-7 from the free throw line. Mercier had 7 3-pointers. Palmer and Connors each had 2 3-pointers and Kenny and Conner MacDonald each had 1 3-pointer.

John Baspt was led by Izak Rocichaud with 14 points, while Colby Haggerty had 6 points. The Crusaders had 6 3-pointers in the game, with Robichaud sinking 3 3's. Tristen Martin, Logan Hart and Zachary Babock each had 1 3-pointer. John Bapst was 4-8 from the free throw line.

John Bapst is 2-14 and will play at Orono on Saturday, February 3rd at 1:30 p.m.

Ellsworth is 14-3 with 1 game remaining. They will play at MDI on Wednesday, February 7th at 7 p.m. That game will be broadcast on AM 1370 WDEA, on WDEA Internet Radio, on our free downloadable APP and on any Alexa enabled device.

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Check out the stats from the game.

Line Score

John Bapst  Boys66121236
Ellsworth Boys1327291584


Box Score

John Bapst 

Jon Pangburn0----
Logan Hart3-1--
Izak Robichaud142312
Tyler Wilkinson21---
Tristen Martin3-1--
Jason Choi0----
Anes Omar0----
Elmer Robichaud1--12
Colby Haggerty62-22
Maci Eser0----
Aidan Oellette0----
Sam Bay0----
Zach Gaudette0----
Orion Laughlin0----
Logun McMahon21---
Zachary Babcock3-1--
Sam Liu21--2


Chance Mercier3157--
Miles Palmer812--
Josiah James-Chin21---
Cruz Coffin42---
Kaleb Conners6-2--
Brayden King63---
Bryce Hart31-11
Hollis Grindal21---
Hunter Boles0----
Kyle Kenny71124
Conner MacDonald3-1--
Dawson Curtis21---
Jackson Barry2--22
Zach Bray0----
Isiah Corson84---


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