Here's an Elf on A Shelf Throwback from 5 years ago, November 30th, 2013!

Marco the Elf has returned! This is the third year that my friend Carrie has done the Elf On A Shelf for her daughter, and again, she's allowing me to post it here on the WDEA site, so you can enjoy it, and also get inspiration if you're participating in Elf On A Shelf for your children!


Marco was bored waiting for Amaya to wake up and unwrap him... and he couldn't believe that Amaya's family hadn't even started to decorate for Christmas yet...Since that is just unacceptable ,he decided to do them all a huge favor and brighten up the house a little. He's sure that Amaya will love his surprise and he is quite proud of himself.


Elf On A Shelf is a big commitment. But thanks to Carrie and others we have a great library of suggestions! Just click on Elf on A Shelf in the What's Hot Bar on the top of the website and you'll find lots of ideas!

Happy Holidays and be good, because the Elf On A Shelf is watching and letting Santa know!

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