AOS 91 Superintendent Dr. Marc Gousse joined WDEA's Chris Popper to talk about school safely in AOS 91 in light of the horrific acts in Florida on February 14th. Dr. Gousse talked about the balance that AOS 91 must strive for, in the safety and security of the students and staff and insuring that the schools are open to the public.

Key points -

  • Schools will have single access points during school hours. Students and staff need to make sure doors are closed and secure during school hours. Doors shouldn't be propped open.
  • Assessments and reviews will continue at all of the school buildings
  • If you see something say something! If it doesn't look right, feel right or act right let someone know!
  • School safety is ever present on the mind of the administrators. Plans and procedures are in place and are reviewed with public safety officials
  • Building schematics are updated annually and shared with public safety officials
  • Administrators, teachers and staff are encouraged to be vigilant and visible
  • There will be a community conversation regarding school safety to be held in the very near term
  • Dr. Gousse will embark on a listening tour with students and staff to get their perceptions of the strength and weaknesses of the established security plans.
  • People should feel comfortable coming forward. Conversations will be held in confidence, with sensitivity and no one will be ostracized, turned away or made to feel anything less than whole.
  • If the community has concerns, they are welcome to contact Dr. Gousse via email at or by phone at 207-288-5049

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