Maine Drug Enforcement Agents conducted searches in several Downeast towns, resulting in 25 people being arrested.

The arrests followed a months-long investigation into drug trafficking in Eastern Maine. A total of three searches were conducted on Thursday in Beal's Island, Jonesport, and Sullivan. A sawed-off shotgun was seized in those raids, as well as illegal drugs and more than $16,000 in cash. In one case in Jonesport, DEA agents found suspected cocaine base hidden in a spare tire in the trunk of a Cadillac that was parked in the driveway. Officials say the drugs involved in these raids included heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine.

It was a wide sweeping investigation that covered several townships, including Beal's Island, Jonesport, Lubec, Sullivan, Columbia, Hancock, and Indian Township. The following people have been arrested in connection with the case:

The following people were charged in U.S. District Court with distribution of cocaine base, commonly known as “crack,” heroin, fentanyl or cocaine and/or maintaining a drug-involved premises:

Robert McKenna, 48, of Indian Township, Maine;
Renita Honea, 57, of Jonesport, Maine;
Chandra Hanscom, 44, of Cutler, Maine;
Barry McCarthy, 43, of Columbia, Maine;
Cody Look, 30, of Cutler;
William Smeal, 32, of Hancock, Maine;
Ralph Sawtelle, 27, of Lubec, Maine;
Vestin Drisko, 40, of Beals Island, Maine;
Cinque Grasette, 42, of New York, New York;
Mujahedeen Hasan, 28, of Bronx, New York;
Miquel Angel Franco, 22, of Bronx;
Milo Danell Germany, 21, of Bronx;
Julian Lloyd, 24, of Bronx; and
Jordy Collado, 18, of New York, New York
Kevin Leroy Barner, 53, of Bronx, possession with intent to distribute 28 grams or more of crack.
Christopher Cruz, 30, of Bronx; and Christopher Martinez, 29, possession with intent to distribute cocaine base.
Timothy Cates, 40, of Cutler was charged today by criminal complaint in U.S. District Court with maintaining a drug-involved premises.

The following people face state charges:

William Gatcomb, 49, of Sullivan, Maine – Aggravated Trafficking Cocaine Base
Rachel Dwyerm, 46, of Sullivan, Maine – Unlawful Trafficking Cocaine Base
Jessica Dana, 36, of Indian Township, Maine – Unlawful Trafficking Cocaine Base
Amber Douglas, 24, of Lubec, Maine – Unlawful Trafficking Heroin
Wayne Dube, 43, of Jonesport, Maine - Aggravated Trafficking Cocaine Base
John Moholland, 50, of Princeton, Maine – Aggravated Trafficking Cocaine Base
Craig Price, 29, of New York, New York – Unlawful Trafficking Heroin/Cocaine Base
Timothy Cates, 40, of Cutler, Maine – Unlawful Possession Fentanyl

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