Scammers are everywhere. They try and prey on everyone and frankly it's disgusting the efforts they take in trying to obtain your personal information and credit card information! We see this constantly with scammers posting false links to High School sporting events.

In Maine, there are basically four trusted sources to watch High School sports

That's it. The rest for the most part are scammers.

How do you tell if they're a scammer? Our friends at Maine High School Football give a great demonstration.

Remember NEVER click on a link that you are unsure of! These scammers will tag onto an "official" post from the school's athletic site and they are relentless! They will post constantly trying to trick you. If you ever have questions reach out to the school.

Likewise, if you are a business don't get scammed into supporting a schedule poster. These outfits "from away" will charge a huge fee and either not deliver the poster or are totally not affiliated with the school. Again, check with the school before placing an ad. In most cases, you are just lining the pockets of someone from away.

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