Maine Campgrounds

Maine is one of the best places to go camping.

The Pine Tree state offers so many different options in varying landscapes, from sites in the Western mountains to campgrounds right on the sandy beaches. We may not get a very long summer season here in Maine but we surely know how to make the best of every moment.

What’s better than camping in a beautiful state? Camping with your furry friends! If you’re going to be spending time outdoors and adventuring in nature, you don’t want to leave your dog behind; your pal will enjoy it maybe even more than you do. Not all campgrounds allow you to bring your pets with you, so I’ve pulled together a list of dog-friendly campgrounds scattered throughout Maine.

Dog-Friendly Campgrounds in Maine

There are a lot of places you can bring your dogs but I’ve just put together a manageable list to get you started. Some are in the mountains, others in farmland and fields, and many right on the beach of beautiful lakes and oceans.

I’ve actually selfishly put together this list because I am on the hunt for a dog-friendly campground for my birthday. Dogs love being outdoors just as much as we do and this list of campgrounds has so much to offer for you, your family, and your four-legged pal.

The more I learn about my state, the more I love it! Whether you’re a tourist looking for a place in nature to spend your time in Maine or you’re a local looking for an outdoors-getaway, this list should have you covered.

15 Dog-Friendly Campgrounds in Maine

What's better than camping in a beautiful state? Camping with your four-legged friends!

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