Don't you hate getting a mosquito bite in an annoying spot, like the bottom of your foot for example? THE WORST! The Bangor Daily News was kind enough to release a list of tips to keep those pests away. If you are "sweet meat" and the mosquitoes love you, this should come in handy.

  1. FIRE! Light citronella candles and torches in your back yard or patio.
  2.  Keep your faucets working appropriately to prevent water from dripping and accumulating.
  3.  Having really tight screens on your windows and porches. (seems obvious but definitely a big help)
  4.  Make sure you change bird baths, fountains and wading pools every 2 days.
  5.  Fix air conditioner leaks as quick as you can.
  6. Fill in puddles, ditches or any swampy areas of your yard.
  7. Grow mosquito repelling plants in your yard. Garden Design magazine recommends: citronella grass, catmint, basil, lavender and scented geraniums.
  8.  Keep your rain gutters debris free.
  9.  Mow your lawn regularly! (I know, bummer right?)
  10.  Try mosquito controllers like ULV foggers and space sprays.

Keep these in mind this Summer and hopefully you will enjoy a skeeter free season! :)