Yes Virginia, there is a wild goat grazing on the side of Route 1A in Dedham.

Priscilla the Goat lives up over the ledge across from the Dedham Town Office and has so apparently for a couple of years or so.  You can tell that she once had a home as in the past she has been viewed wearing a collar of sort, now town officials and law authorities say that she is "feral," which she probably is at this point.

We felt for her when we saw her grazing this past winter and the temperatures had been below zero the night before, but there she is again recently, standing within the grass in the ravine that runs briefly before the ledge, next to one of the busiest commuter roads in the state.

For awhile Priscilla had her name in lights as the Town Office had featured her on the marquee out front, explaining who she is.  Guess those folks have tired of answering questions as well.

Everyone swears that she's okay out there on her own and won't attempt to cross the road. Time will tell.

A few days ago we did see someone pull off to the side and watch her.  We hoped that this person didn't attempt to approach her or entice her with anything, as we didn't want her to actually be scared out into the constant line of speeding vehicles. So please don't attempt to do that.

Mainers of all sort, even a goat, have always been described as resilient. Priscilla proves that theory big time.

And did you know Priscilla has her own Facebook fan page? She does!

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