UPDATE - After I tweeted this, Spectrum replied... You can opt-out of the calling by filling out this form. It does take up to 60 days for this to become active but we can only hope, right?

Dear Spectrum, AT&T/Direct TV and Auto Warranty Telemarketers

Please stop calling my house! Please Stop Calling! PLEASE STOP CALLING!

If you can't tell I'm frustrated by their constant calling, I'm not sure what I can do to convince you! The constant calling 2-3 times per day, and once normally between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. is driving me insane, and let's face it, that's a short drive!

It's no wonder there's a concern that we are running out of 207 phone numbers because each time they call it's from a different 207 number. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have blocked these callers, but they keep springing up, on another local number. They're relentless!

Why should I have to allow every caller to go to voice mail to screen these callers? Why should I have to "press 2" to be removed from the list, or simply hang up? Why should you interrupt me 2-3 times per day?

Even pressing 1 and talking to someone hasn't proved to be successful! I'm normally even-tempered and don't yell, but these telemarketers have caused me to yell! I'm really thinking of purchasing a referee's whistle, pressing 1, and then blowing the whistle into the phone. But then I realize it's not these telemarketer's fault. They're just in some big warehouse, and probably not even in the United States.

And let's face it... Has ANYONE ever purchased the Auto Warranty Plan? I'm tempted to tell them I have a car from 2000 and that my transmission has just blown, and I've been waiting for their call! But, I don't even have the energy to play with them.

I've threatened to cancel my AT&T account with the telemarketers when I stupidly press 1.

It's just gotten too much!

Do you have any tips to stop the calling? I'm ready to try anything!

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