With everyone limiting social interaction and trying to stay home as much as possible, a lot of people are going through attics, closets, and drawers decluttering. Normally that would be a great opportunity to place these unneeded items on your local barter/sell/swap site and pocket a little extra money.

Let's face it, we all need some extra money right now. Many businesses have been forced to limit their hours or close. Many people are being laid off and life as we have known, seems like a distant memory. But that item you put on the barter/sell/swap site could make you very sick, and your family members sick too!

To exchange the item you are going to have to meet up with the person you are either buying the item from, or to whom you are selling the item. Unless you are going to drop the item off, step back 6 feet, let the person leave the money, and pick the item up, have that person step back and you collect the money, using plastic gloves, you are risking coming in contact with someone that unknowingly may have the coronavirus.

Far better to put the items in your garage, shed, and wait for this pandemic to pass. Then, hopefully in the middle or late April, we can all have a giant yard sale and load the barter/swap/sell sites.

Be safe. Tell your loved ones you love them.

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