The National Park Service announced on Thursday, that there will be a planned controlled fire burn set for Friday, May 18th in Acadia National Park. The area is located near carriage roads approximately 1 mile North of Sargent Mountain, between intersection 10 and 12.

If conditions are right,  prescribed fire urns bat the Carriage Road Vistas 87, 88, 89 which are located along the Aunt Betty Pond loop, just south of McFarland Hill may also occur on Friday May 18, 2018. No carriage roads will be closed, although there may be temporary delays.
“We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of fire personnel and the public as we manage open spaces and historic vistas in Acadia National Park,” said Superintendent Kevin Schneider. “We also invite neighboring fire departments to participate in the prescribed fire burns as a training and community-building exercise.”

These prescribed fire burns are conducted by trained and experienced National Park Service fire personnel under controlled conditions. Prescribed fires are ignited by fire managers, under a pre-determined set of conditions- weather, fuel moisture, and staff availability- in order to accomplish more specific resource management objectives. Prescribed fire burns may occur any time within a designated timeframe when the right conditions exist. Weather conditions are closely monitored throughout the duration of the prescribed fire burn to ensure they are completed safely. All prescribed fire burns will be conducted as interagency projects, using local support.

The National Park Service (NPS) is planning to conduct a number of prescribed fire burns in Acadia National Park through June 1 and again from September 1 to November 30, 2017, provided weather and fuel conditions meet the conditions established in the park’s prescribed fire plan. The purpose of the prescribed fire burns is to perpetuate native plant species and open space landscapes by preventing the successional invasion of grasslands by shrubs and trees. The prescribed fire burns will also reduce natural hazard fuels, which will help minimize fire risk to park and adjacent lands

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