Holy color! The American Folk Festival sponsored the first Color Bangor Fun Run starting and ending at the Bangor Waterfront today, April 26th. Over 2000 registered, and there were at least 200 in attendance watching down at the start/finish area, while many more watched throughout the route. It was a blast! If you didn't participate, you'll want to next year, as this will be an annual event!


Clay Gordon and Lindsey Mills from WVII and Fox 22 After the Celebrity Color Dousing! (Photo Chris Popper)
Lt. Paul Edwards From the Bangor Police Department Is Going to Have to Clean the Cruiser After Inviting Participants to Lay Hands on the Police Car (Photo Chris Popper)
Katie Walker, Shelby Scribner and the Team From Husson University School of Nursing (Photo Chris Popper)
Color Bangor Runners Getting Ready (Photo Chris Popper)
Katie Walker, Shelby Scribner and Paula Downsland's daughter (Photo Chris Popper)
Paula Downsland's Daughter Was Very Colorful! (Photo Chris Popper)
Runners Getting Ready (Photo Chris Popper)
The Husson University School of Nursing At the Starting Line (Photo Chris Popper)
DJ Paul Wolfe With a Runner (Photo Chris Popper)
Olivia King and Her Father (Photo Chris Popper)
A Group of Happy Runners Before Leaving For the Run (Photo Chris Popper)
Color Bangor Was For All Ages (Photo Chris Popper)
Shelby Scribner, Katie Walker, Jennifer Carrol Coles, Paula Downsland and her daughter (Photo Chris Popper)
The Green Station at the Finish Line (Photo Chris Popper)
Cindy Campbell from WQCB was a Bit Yellow After Manning the Yellow Station (Photo Chris Popper)
Monty Rand Was Colored Top to Bottom (Photo Chris Popper)
They Didn't Miss A Color Station (Photo Chris Popper)
And This Was Before The Run! (Photo Chris Poppper)