Cheers to Walter Churchill! One of the people you will see at every home and most away MDI sporting events is Walter Churchill with his camera! I'm not sure he gets enough recognition for the work he does, so I'm hoping to change that by writing this!

Walter shoots hundreds of photos for each event, and then goes home, edits them all, and uploads the best to Facebook. And he does this while most of us are asleep or should be asleep!  When I say the best, I mean they would be award winning if he submitted them in contests. Just look at one of my favorites from the 2015 football season, taken at Madison with steam coming off the players!

Photo Walter Churchill

His photos chronicle the best in the MDI High School Community. He takes pictures of the players in action, the band, the fans. And he uploads them all without watermarks so students, families and friends can use them on their own social media pages. You have allowed me to use your pictures in all of my stories, bringing words to life

Words come and go, and fade with time. Pictures last forever. When these students tell their children of their exploits and those children roll their eyes and say "Sure, Mom/Dad.. whatever!", they'll be able to point to Walter's pictures and say "See! It really was true!"

Walter.. on behalf of the community.. Thank YOU for all that YOU do!