The National Park Service announced on Wednesday, April 26th that they would be relocating some of the visitor services at the Acadia National Park Headquarters to the Hulls Cove Visitor Center from May 1st to October 31st, 2017. Visitors seeking park information and entrance passes will have to go to the Hulls Cove Visitor Center rather than the Headquarters off the Eagle Lake Road.

The reasoning behind this move is that there isn't enough parking and the Headquarters doesn't offer direct access to the Island Explorer and Carriage Trails, which visitors are looking for. At the Hulls Cove Visitor Center park patrons will find ample parking, Island Explorer bus stops, an orientation film, a book sales area, restrooms and park rangers to answer questions and to issue entrance passes. The Hulls Cove Visitor Center also offers direct access to the Park Loop Road and the Carriage Road system

Superintendent Kevin Schneider said "We have learned that trying to accommodate visitors among all the activities at the park headquarters is not serving them well. We hope to improve visitor services by transitioning this function from park headquarters ot the Hulls Cove Visitor Center this summer and fall."


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