The Carriage Roads which were initially closed on March 2nd, and then subsequently reopened after all the snow in March, have now been closed again because of the soft conditions

Photo Chris Popper Townsquare Media
Photo Chris Popper Townsquare Media

The warmer weather and wet conditions have softened the carriage roads and made them susceptible to damage. Walking, biking and horse riding on the carriage roads under the current conditions can cause ruts and potholes what will channel water and exacerbate erosion.

Superintendent Kevin Schneider said "We are asking all visitors to help us protect the historic carriage road system and prevent costly repairs by cooperating with this temporary closure."

While the carriage roads are closed, visitors are encourage to enjoy Acadia National Park's hiking trails and the Park Loop Road which is closed to motor vehicles until April 15th. When walking or biking on the closed to vehicles Park Loop Road be mindful of closed gates and the possibility of snow, ice, debris and National Park Service's vehicles or equipment on the road.

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