Ever have a disagreement turn ugly because you just can't come to a compromise?

Well, how would you feel about letting popular decision decide who is right, or perhaps more right? Enter option three: Let's Settle This, which does just that.This site lets anyone put in both sides of and argument and then random people vote on who has the better idea or perhaps the moral high ground.

Boom, the site then shows you the percentage of vote and who the invisible public says is justified.

Upon inspection I found that some arguments were over whether or not to put oranges in the fridge while others were of a more grave and personal nature. I confess I voted on a few and was graced to see I was in line with the majority most of the time.

If nothing else when someone else decides it can really clarify things in your mind.

Downside is if you are turning to the internet to resolve an argument there may be a bigger problem at hand. But, what the heck, if it could break a stalemate, it's worth a try.

Click here to see what other people are fighting about.

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