Nickles add up to dollars, and the Ellsworth High School Volleyball Team would like your bottles and cans!

Photo Chris Popper
Photo Chris Popper

Fundraising rules prohibit student athletes from participating in fundraising outside of the season, however nothing prevents parents from partnering to raise funds for a specific sport. All sports teams thrive when there is community investment and the parents of Ellsworth High School volleyball players are hoping to raise the community involvement in Volleyball at EHS. Money raised will be used to help with items not covered by the budget, like warm ups, to show support and pride in the players.

Union River Redemption Center has agreed to be a drop off location for bottles with the proceeds going to EHS Volleyball. Just mention the team name when you drop off your bottles and cans! If your have a large  load of bottle and cans to drop off, please call the Redemption Center first to make sure they have room for them. Give them a call at 667-9452

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