Superintendent Katrina Kane posted the letter to the Hancock County Grammar School Community, detailing the severe damage the school suffered from a broken pipe. The school experienced severe flooding .

It has been determined that the floor tiles in the flooded area will need to be removed and they have arranged for that to take place beginning at noon tomorrow, Tuesday, January 21st.  This will involve the use of a jackhammer and there will  be a need to vacate the building due to the anticipated noise levels.

As a result, school will be dismissed at 11:30 a.m on Tuesday, January 21st.

It is unclear when the repairs will be completed but they anticipate a minimum of 2 weeks. The affected areas are sealed off for the safety of the staff and students. They are hopeful that they can avoid additional school closures but this will depend on how work progresses during the coming days.

To read the full letter, click on the link below

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