As much as we hope and pray that all lost dogs are reunited with their owners quickly and safely, sometimes it just doesn't work out the way we want. Such was the case with Bombar, who ran away on Sunday, March 28th. Bombar was 10 years old.

We know that the Trenton community was searching long and hard for Bombar, and wanted to share what his owners wrote.

Dearest Trenton Friends and Community,
I wanted to let you know that our great dog Bombar came home to rest today.
He loved every person and dog he met in life. It is no surprise because he spent his entire life in Trenton, a community of enormous heart. To each and everyone of you who kept your eyes open for him, and shared the posts that he was missing, and called, and IMd and sent love and encouragement, thank you. Your encouragement and kindness is a balm to our sore hearts.
At the end, as far as we can see, he passed away under a quiet bush, on a trail not so very far from home. We can't help but think that perhaps he knew that his time was coming due and he took one last wander through these woods he loved so much. Perhaps he visited a few of his doggie friends to say goodbye too.

I'm a firm believer in the Rainbow Bridge. The poem has brought me and continues to bring me comfort when I think about our dogs who have passed. I hope that it brings Bombar's family comfort too.

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