The Big East Basketball Conference released their Scholar Athletes, Defensive Players and Paul Soucy Spirit of the Game Award Winners. These players will be recognized at the Big East All-Star Game on Saturday, February 29th. Congratulations to all!

Caribou High School

  • Scholar Athletes - Jake Berkosi, Taylor LaBreck
  • Paul Soucy Spirit Award - Michael Brigman, Abbi Robbins
  • Defensive Player - Sawyer Deprey, Taylor Skidgel

Ellsworth High School

  • Scholar Athletes - Connor Crawford, Sara Shea
  • Paul Soucy Spirit Award - Austin Harris, Autumn Paul
  • Defensive Player - Hunter Curtis, Sierra Andrews

Foxcroft Academy

  • Scholar Athletes - Jacob Raynes, Meghan Spooner
  • Paul Soucy Spirit Award - Sam Harmon-Weeks, Emily Harmon-Weeks
  • Defensive Player - Lucas Ames, Kamryn Commeau

Hermon High School

  • Scholar Athletes - Eli Reed, Charlotte Caron
  • Paul Soucy Spirit Award - Isaac Parent, Sydney Gallop
  • Defensive Player - Wyatt Gogan, Paige Plissey

Houlton High School

  • Scholar Athlete - Keegan Gentle
  • Paul Soucy Spirit Award - Cameron Callnan, Emma Ardell
  • Defensive Player - Jadon Gentle, Teagan Ewings

John Bapst Memorial High School

  • Scholar Athletes - Max Chadwick, Emily Mock
  • Paul Soucy Spirit Award - Rhett McDonald, Sydney Ellis
  • Defensive Player - Sam Ellis, Lacey Scanlon

MDI High School

  • Scholar Athletes - Nate Philbrook, Rachelle Swanson
  • Paul Soucy Spirit Award - Erik Merchant, Lexi Rich
  • Defensive Player - Nate Philbrook, Rachelle Swanson

Orono High School

  • Scholar Athletes - Willem Crane, Mary-Kate Smith
  • Paul Soucy Spirit Award - Matt Tozer, Izzy Baker
  • Defensive Player - Zach Dill, Lauryn Brown

Old Town High School

  • Scholar Athletes - Bryce Richards, Claudia Damboise
  • Paul Soucy Spirit Award - Caden Jackson, Alvia Coulombe
  • Defensive Player - Sam Magoon, Sydney Loring

Presque Isle High School

  • Scholar Athletes - Nate Willett, Rebecca Rider
  • Paul Soucy Spirit Award - Noah Flynn, Maggie Castonguay
  • Defensive Player - Sam Beaulieu, Libby Morrow

Washington Academy

  • Scholar Athletes - Greg Moulton, Gabby Morang
  • Paul Soucy Spirit Award - Andon Wood, Riley Fraser
  • Defensive Player - Daniel Huang, Lucy Kilton


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