The Big East announced the students who were awarded the Scholar Athlete, Defensive Player and Paul Soucy Spirit Award. Awards for the 2022-23 season

The Paul Soucy Spirit Award is in honor of the long-time Hermon High School Athletic Director

Paul Soucy Spirit Award

  • Bucksport - Mercedes Taungatua and Kamryn Webber
  • Caribou - Carly Morrow and Liam Dee
  • Ellsworth - Aaliyah Manning and Michael Harris
  • Foxcroft Academy - Abigail Knapp and Cameron Chase
  • Hermon - Bella Bowden and Carter Brocato
  • Houlton - Drew Warman and Mark Thibodeau
  • John Bapst - Sophia Ward and Mark Gaetani
  • MDI - Sophia Brophy and Jay Haney
  • Old Town - Gabrielle Cody and Josh Harvey
  • Orono - Kristyn Brown and Ellis Spaulding
  • Presque Isle - Rossalyn Buck and Michael Langley
  • Washington Academy  - Marissa Cates and Ben Griffin

Scholar Athlete Awards

  • Bucksport - Evan Donnell and Elsa Theobald
  • Caribou - Henry Hebert and Amelia Godin
  • Ellsworth - Eamon MacDonald and Morgan Clifford
  • Foxcroft Academy - Adam Conner and Annie Raynes
  • Hermon - Bryan White and Veronica Chichetto
  • Houlton - Cody Johnston and Drew Warman
  • John Bapst - Jack Mason and Jane Wu
  • MDI - Evan Ankrom and Emma Simard
  • Old Town - Logan Brown and Saige Evans
  • Orono - Ellis Spaulding and Carmen Miller
  • Presque Isle - Malachi Cummings and Anna Jandreau
  • Washington Academy - Clay Crossman and Sarah Moulton

Defensive Player Awards

  • Bucksport - Sam Cyr and Jason Terrill
  • Caribou - Ainsley Caron and Reece Cavagnaro
  • Ellsworth - Megan Jordan and Eamon MacDoinald
  • Foxcroft Academy - Halle Page and Caden Crocker
  • Hermon - Brooke Gallop and Owen Wyman
  • Houlton - Amelia Callnan and Thadon Gentle
  • John Bapst - Claire Gaetani and Jason Pangburn
  • MDI - Mia Shaw and Joey Wellman-Clouse
  • Old Town - Makayla Emerson and Gabe Gifford
  • Orono - Kate Higgins and Pierce Walston
  • Presque Isle - Anna Jandreau and Jack Hallett
  • Washington Academy - Addie Williams and Braedyn Thatcher

The awards will be presented in between the Girls and Boys Senior All-Star Games on Sunday, March 5th at 1pm. and 3 p.m. at Hermon High School. Admission is $5.00 for adults, and $3.00 for students and seniors.

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