Working behind a register, people are bound to encounter some snarling, grizzly customers, and in Chobani's Super Bowl 2014 commercial, we find one.

In this Chobani commercial, a small town in the Midwest finds an outsider in their midst. Howard's Country Store, a general store on the main street of town, starts having a ton of destruction occurring throughout its building. Items start flying through the store's front window, Customers are screaming, fleeing the premises and roars can be heard from inside. What could cause such devastation? One bear of a customer, literally.

The commercial, called "Ransacked", shows a grizzly bear tearing up the store until it finally rests at the main counter. A poor store clerk is seen cowering in fear behind the counter as the bear continues to ring the front bell for service. Realizing that the store clerk isn't answering and is nowhere in sight, the bear decides to leave with what he rummaged through the entire store for, a pack of Chobani yogurt. Afterwards, a police officer finally stumbles into the store to check on the well-being of the clerk.

Chobani got into a bit of heat this past Fall when it had to recall an undisclosed amount of yogurt after reports were arising that mold was being found in multitudes of containers and customers were getting sick. Chobani's official statement said that the tainted yogurt originated from its Twin Falls, Idaho yogurt factory, which accounts for one-third of the company's entire production line.

Nevertheless, expect to see this commercial sometime in the third quarter of the big game.

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