The Better Business Bureau says online 'Secret Sister' gift exchanges are not only illegal, but are also dangerous.

We've all seen these pop up on our social media accounts, especially Facebook. Someone you know posts the details of a 'Secret Sister' gift exchange, which promises a bounty of holiday presents, and asks you to take part. The details state that, if you send a single present to someone, you'll get dozens more, in return. But, not only doesn't it work, it could also get you in some hot water.

Gift exchanges, like these, are basically pyramid schemes, which the BBB reminds residents, are illegal in the U.S. and Canada. Plus, you're exposing your personal information to people you don't know. Yes, the person who contacted you about the exchange may be someone you know and, I'm sure, their intentions are innocent. But you don't know everyone they're friends with, or who their friends are friends with. You could be revealing your mailing or email address to people who will use the information to steal your identity.

They advise keeping these types of gift exchanges off the internet. Instead, consider trading gifts with your friends or coworkers. But putting your personal information on the internet is always dangerous and not worth the 'dozens of gifts' that, in reality, you'll never receive.

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