Bar Harbor's last chain restaurant recently closed, with the Subway at 4 Cottage Street next to the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce's Visitors' Center closing.

Set to take its place is Downeast Pizza, owned by Robin Wright. Robin also owns the Pink Pastry Shop, located at 13 Cottage Street, and the Downeast Deli located at 65 Main Street. They will be offering grab-and-go slices and whole pizzas.

I spoke with Robin on Wednesday night. She's hoping to have the new restaurant open in Mid-May and the plan is for it to be open year-round! And for those wondering about the crust... It will be hand tossed pan-pizza crust,,,Not deep dish or thin crust.

For those who remember, there used to be a Subway restaurant at  the Somesville One-Stop,

Island residents were thrown for a loop this past weekend, when there was a sign at the Parkadia store at the Head of the Island, with a sign stating that a McDonald's was coming to that location. But everyone needed to check their calendar, as it was just a well-played April Fool joke!

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