The Bar Harbor Town Council will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, September 5th beginning at 6PM at the Emerson School Gymnasium.

The purpose of the meeting is to take public comments on Bay Ferries' proposal to begin service again in 2019 between Bar Harbor and Nova Scotia which they submitted on July 11th.

Bay Ferries proposes to pay the Town of Bar Harbor a base rate of $4500/month in non operating months and $7500/month in operating months.  Bay Ferries would be responsible for all heat, utilities etc. during the operating months. They would pay $2.00 per passenger; $3.00 per vehicle and $20.00 per bus.

In Year 1 Bay Ferries believes that they would pay to the Town of Bar Harbor $261,800 in fees. In Year 2 this would increase to $294,000 and in Year 3 $326,200. This is based on initial year traffic of 60,000 passengers, 24,000 vehicles and 40 buses increasing to 70,000 passengers and 28.000 vehicles and 50 buses in year 2 and 80,000 passengers, 32,000 vehicles and 60 buses in year 3.

Bay Ferries and the Province of Nova Scotia would make a capital investment in shore-side and marine-side facilities anticipated to be $3million. The minimum rent guaranteed to the Town of Bar Harbor is $200,000. If rents exceed $250,000 Bay Ferries would be able to claim back up to $100,000 per year as a contribution against the 3 million capital expenditure.

Bay Ferries is proposing a 5 year term covering the 2019-2023 operating seasons with future option periods to be discussed. It is anticipated that the Province of Nova Scotia would guarantee the payments to the Town of Bar Harbor for the 1st 5 years.

To read the full proposal click HERE

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