The Province of Nova Scotia said in a press release on Wednesday, March 20th that renovations to the Bar Harbor Ferry Terminal are now expected to cost $8.5 million (CA) which is $6,342,997.50 in US funds, based on the current exchange rate (.75)

Work on the ferry terminal includes a fixed span and pier, deck and pile repairs as well s moving the transfer bridge from the Portland Terminal and reassembling it in Bar Harbor. In also includes the demolition of some outer buildings, construction of customs plaza facilities and reinstallation of security equipment moved from Portland.

The Province of Nova Scotia is budgeting $13.8 million (CA) to operate the Nova Scotia-Maine service in 2019-20 with the anticipated launch of the new Yarmouth-Bar Harbor route at the end of  June.

Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Lloyd Hines said "The Nova Scotia-Maine ferry is a vital part of our transportation system and important to our tourism industry, particularly in southwest Nova Scotia. We are confident the relocation of Bar Harbor will provide greater stability for the service and provide cost savings that will reduce the subsidy in the long term.:

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