We all know that the Maine Lobster Industry and thousands of jobs are under attack. To that extent, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust has stepped up and made a 6-figure contribution and long-term commitment to the Maine Lobstermen's Association in order to support the Maine Lobstermen's Association's legal and policy efforts to protect Maine's lobster industry.

The Bank has also pledged additional funding to aid the Association's four-pronged strategy to preserve sustainable fishing as well as the fishermen and communities that depend on it.

"We have been serving the people and businesses of Maine for more than 135 years, this is our home, and the lobstering industry is a cornerstone of not only our community's economic vitality but also the spirit of who we are as Mainers," said Curtis C. Simard, CEO & President of Bar Harbor Bank & Trust. "We have supported the Maine Lobstermen's Association (MLA) for many years and are honored to support their fundraising efforts in support of the industry's fight against impending regulations that could eliminate the fishery. This must not happen given its significant contributions to our economy and long tradition that it represents. We are proud to support the "Save Maine Lobstermen" campaign, and we encourage other businesses and individuals who can support the campaign to do so by visiting the MLA website."

The Maine Lobstermen's Association is engaged in a four-prong strategy to save the Maine lobster industry as well as the right whales. The four prongs are:

  • Legal and policy efforts to fight a federal plan that will harm the lobster industry;
  • Collaboration with scientific experts to ensure cutting-edge science is the basis of any right whale conservation plan;
  • Efforts to develop innovative gear solutions that protect right whales; and
  • Communication and advocacy to build support for the Maine lobster industry and its importance to the area's economy and heritage.

Bar Harbor Bank & Trusts initial contribution and long-term commitment is estimated to be valued at $325,000.00

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