It was a nasty, rainy night in the Queen City, as Hurricane Arthur made his way up the East Coast. But, despite the rain, Bangor' 4th of July Fireworks went off as scheduled. Was it the right decision? Take our poll and tell us what you think.

Facebook was full of comments from folks who had strong opinions about the decision. I even saw a couple of videos.

But I want to know what you think. Did the 4th of July corporation make the right decision? Should they have postponed the display until the weather was better? Do you think it was a waste of money to hold them in the rain? We're very interested in the public opinion!

One more note; if you didn't like the decision, remember that the fireworks are not put on by the City of Bangor, but rather by a volunteer corporation. It would have been their decision. So take a minute to answer our poll and let us know....was it the right choice?