Winning is good, but how you play the game, is even more important! Ask any Athletic Director, Principal, or School Board Member... While they would be happy to win gold balls, they're even happier when their teams are recognized and win the Good Sportsmanship Awards!  Congratulations to the Acadia Youth Sports 6/6 Boys C Basketball Team who were recognized and awarded the Chris Caldwell Sportsmanship Award for the Eastern Maine Indoor Basketball League.

AYS 5/6 Boys C Team - Photo Courtesy Nicole Chan
AYS 5/6 Boys C Team - Photo Courtesy Nicole Chan

The teams is coached by Victor Chan and assisted by Ryan Phillips. Members of the team include

  • Trewett Nietz
  • Samuel Chang
  • Kane Fronczak
  • Fionn McLoughlin
  • Augie Phillips
  • Brody Fronczak
  • Benny Baldridge
  • Cash Sawyer
  • Chase Stilwell
  • Jordan Chan

Other Sportsmanship Winners include

  • 5/6 Girls - Waldo County YMCA Blue
  • 7/8 Girls - Brewer A
  • 7/.8 Boys - Holbrook B

The winning teams will receive a plaque and a gift certificate for a team party at a restaurant

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